About Us

Founded in 2014 by Industry Veterans with a combined Collection Agency expertise in Student Loan Servicing management of over 100 years, Integrity Asset Partners quickly capitalized on long-term client contacts and industry insiders and have grown rapidly. Our philosophy is simple: Treat others as you would want to be treated, do everything with Integrity, and work hard in faith. Integrity Asset Partners realizes that the Collection agency- consumer relationship is normally wrought with some adversarial elements, but we strive to make every contact meaningful, reassuring, and fair. We feel that our consumers see this and respond with surprising eagerness to do what is right, as we strive to demonstrate to them quickly, that we are trying to maintain their dignity in real, pro-social communications using compassion, respect, comradery and understanding with empathy.

We utilize the most state-of- the-art software’s including proprietary investigation methods. We maintain a license of Professional investigation and belong to the US Association of Professional investigators. Integrity Asset Partners are contributing members of many charity organizations as a commitment to the honor and responsibility placed in us and to effect real action where it is most needed, which we feel is necessary to be trusted, proactive members of our human community.