Newsletter #1

Let’s Hear From Some Of Our Top Stars

Customer Service Manager CT “Christian” Lee spoke at a recent community event where it was all praise. “We can’t begin to express our gratitude for the many hard-working contributors, and their families who’ve honored us with their dedication” “This is hard-work” Lee added, with a smile of both understanding and humble self-doubt at the news that the firm which employs him has become the largest private loan recovery agency in the United States with the advent of State licensing in all 50 States and offices in Washington, and three additional States.

“Especially David (Allen) Jen’ Milburn and… well arguably the top three trucking companies in the U.S., as well as our vendor partners..The folks at Presentation Partners out in Atlanta, amazing work, Swift, CR England, Simplicity Systems, Base Commerce, PDC Flow, Fibre Federal, AVP Solutions- Thanks everyone- It’s been an honor. Woodland is a small, hard-working town North of Portland, Oregon about 30 miles. Because of our location, we’ve essentially had to train loggers wives, and kids how to work in our unique environment and I must say that I cannot believe the level of the work ethic and intelligence I’ve seen.

What’s The Next Move For IAP?

We’ve toyed with moving our call center to the larger Portland metro area to attract commute-averse professionals, but it just doesn’t make sense when we live here in paradise and work with our friends, neighbors and families. We were honored to support the Sheriffs Chaplaincy office out here, and several other good charities. We have several local clients who are pretty thrilled that there’s a World-Class accounts receivable firm tucked away behind the local hardware store. It truly is a blessing and we hope we are doing it right every day to honor those whom without, we couldn’t have ever enjoyed the success, blessings and comradery we get every single day here”

“Leading the way in private student loan collections for the third year in a row, all of us at Integrity Asset Partners would like to welcome our newest Clients and Staff”

Adding to clientele; medical laboratories, trucking companies, community lenders and doctors’ offices to their rapidly growing list in such a short time has meant hiring almost at a pace to fast to train. “Our people just roll up their sleeves and jump in. They treat clients and consumers like family. The golden rule applies”

What Have We Done Recently?

Integrity Asset Partners has added 8 additional staff members in the last month, including a full-time compliance attorney, a full-time CPA accountant and an MBA holder advising on growth and ecommerce affectionally referred to as “Sir”, but then again they call everybody that.