Newsletter #2

Integrity Asset Partners isn’t just another Employer.

On a typically rainy day in December of 2015, during Woodlands own Integrity Asset Partners -Christmas party a sharp, articulate lady by the name of Jennifer made a comment to President Kenneth Huston about her Christmas wish;
“I remember saying to Mr. Huston that it seemed that since IAP had asked us to forgive one debt each from our consumer debt files (one that we really thought needed their debt forgiven this Christmas) our favorite project. On Christmas eve that night I said ‘why not give a job to the many families suffering from mill closures and choked Government regulation, those coming out of minimum incarcerations even. There’s people coming out of local jails desperately needing to show a material gift to loved ones and their kids”

Resounding silence gave Huston all he needed to hear. After having been an active member of the local church most of his Seventy-one years and being a Law Enforcement Officer for half that here in Woodland, Huston just smiled in his avuncular, famous soft-hearted way.

Jail-to-Mail Program introduced at Integrity Asset Partners

“We pride ourselves in developing talent through only one mean. One standard; Ones ability to convince me he, or she has integrity- Now. No-Less, but truthfully, that’s all we ask to start.”

Comments CT Lee, acting Manager and investor; “ When Jen introduced the idea to Kenneth, I knew in my heart there was only one thing to do. Make a call. And he Called the local Cowlitz County Probation and Parole Offices. “They were surprised we existed, and that We wanted to put anybody who looked honest, in the mail room. Ground floor? “It’s more important than what I do” Lees normal smirk absent.

Lee comments. “ Look, We’ve all been through something. Me too. It’s never been as simple as good, nor bad. We all have recognizable dreams..needs for our kids and families. I’ve never met people as professional and diligent as the Department of Corrections staff and officers in the Cowlitz County Work release center. We’ve enjoyed a symbiotic relationship that works for all of us, never just the guys we aid, but this community thrives on second chances, lost fortunes and hearty, great people. If you live here long enough, you know we all got it. We all paid some price and so let’s keep this up…Let’s hire and train as many contributors in this community that we possibly can. “You all get a fresh start here. Heck, I did” Lee’s solemn tone didn’t last long. “ These referrals from the guys at Cowlitz are good for business. I’m a bottom line guy. But to be aiding the community get back on it’s feet by employing these honest, hard-working job-seekers is… I like football, the Broncos-This is heart and wallet touchdown”