Newsletter #3

Integrity Asset Partners has joined a very small list

Woodland, WA USA. Integrity Asset Partners was honored recently as a top place to succeed, at a National Association luncheon focused on welcoming the coming GOP Administration and staff.

David Allen, Vice President and General Manager of Integrity Asset Partners/Cedar Investment Analysts – Partner, and winner of IAP’s most coveted award the ‘100Million Producer” was especially humbled by the reports that poured in on his contribution to the niche industry which employs him.

“I don’t really try to be the top producer in the U.S.,. What I try to do is connect with people And..If that helps IAP reach it’s goals which are often a real challenge given their fiscal success in 2016 and current rate of growth, then that’s fantastic! I demand top-notch professionalism from my sales staff. I’m not inferencing these guys are needing me to direct them. I’ve never seen staff that treats clients like these ladies and gentlemen do. I’m saying these guys are an honor to direct”

“We don’t need any more business. Sure, it’s nice to reach the higher numbers, but we have all we need and a staff to service literally anything, but I always hope to get that one client, that one business owner who really needs me. Who really gets that sometimes you get a great team, just for taking a call and trying us out a bit. And as always, we charge nothing for fortune 500 advice on best practices and norms. You have got to learn how to treat consumers in this year. They are sharp, and they want to do the right thing, but they are hurting from years of financial regulation, job losses and complete upheaval these last eight years. It’s an honor to have figured out how to collect win/win scenarios from consumers and clients”

“Presentation Partners was able to craft for me an artistic, even humorously, light-hearted proposal for distribution. We probably sent it to everybody. I still get calls from clients wanting to know if we were in the ad business also. Laughing that we nailed down the challenges facing Accounts Receivable Staff at powerhouses like FNMA, ACE, and Paramount. All I can say is , yeah, how can I help you?, and that’s been pretty rewarding financially for all of us”

“That’s what makes me proud. Integrity was so small, so committed and we weren’t sure we could pull it off, you know, taxes, complaints, free-loaders, avoiding our clients invoices sometimes. We just never shortened our standards..We just wouldn’t stop praying and working and believing that we could serve others and collect a bunch of debt, and actually do that in a way that everybody walked away feeling like they did the right thing. Us, them, our staff, and our Clients. We just won’t stop doing the next polite, family-focused collections- the next pro-social thing”

“If ever there was a focus on values and ethical, kind consumer treatment and wowing a client, It’s this deal. It’s IAP and yeah, I’m a pretty significant part of my inputs here, but that’s just today. Tomorrow I wake up and serve consumers again. Serve clients like I’m a nobody. That’s a pretty good feeling”