Newsletter #4 – Integrity Asset Partners management and guests attend recent Oregon Liberty Alliance rally .

Supporting the GOP and non-partisan contributors selflessly working together for a new direction through old, tried and true conservative values focusing on Law, Families and businesses ensuring the administrations promises for a better America, IAP was adequately impressed.

‘I was happy to meet with our former Presidential Candidate and Arkansas Governor as well as current Fox News host; Mike Huckabee, to have a one-on-one dialogue, as well as The Oregon Secretary of State- The Honorable Dennis Richardson, whom we all think is doing a fantastic job running that States most important business and auditing role, which helps all of us business people effectively and with a genuine caring and transparency we have not seen.

“Governor Huckabee was able to have a warm dialogue about his work in Public service over an impressive number of successful years and was candid, warm and generous in taking his time to discuss some topics to our satisfaction”
Also in attendance were members of the press. “Class-acts, all of them regardless of political stances. Virginia Congressman Scott Taylor, Representative Barreto and others as were Senators and Congressional members and their fantastic staffers who were also warmly greeted by IAP staff.

“We were surrounded by some of the Nation’s top decision makers and came away with a renewed warmth in our hearts toward these Officials whom have well-borne many large burdens in shaping America, and our political process and the excellent voters who helped this last election go smoothly toward a reunified America built on values and small-business”

C.T. Lee is Customer Service Manager and long-time investor in the firm that employs him and many other voters in Oregon and Washington, as well as many other States where IAP has dominating presence in the loan servicing industry.

“We, as a family and as a company will attend every event where lawmakers and decision makers, key in our personal and business lives, seek to have open dialogues about their dreams for shaping a great America. Everyone needs to take an active role in ensuring small-business, employees and their customers get treated fairly, and unencumbered in chasing the American Dream” Lee concluded.